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    Issue Time:2015-05-20


    We offer many different styles of hats on our website. Here's a quick list of some of the styles we offer.

    These caps feature an adjustable closure on the back. One size fits all.

    Bucket hats
    Call it a Gilligan hat, call it a fishing hat, or call it a retro downtown hat -- we call it a bucket. Great for guys and girls, it comes in many different fabrics.

    Think of Fidel…yes the Cuban President. These are military type caps…flat top with a short bill.

    Enough said.

    What do NFL players wear under their helmet? A Do-Rag!

    Keeps your ears warm in the winter time!

    Easy Fitted
    These caps come in pre-defined sizes starting at Small through X-Large. More often than not, these are your Franchise style caps (see below).

    Think about the hat your grandfather used to wear…yes, the one with the feather.

    Typically a structured mid to high crown hat that comes in pre-defined sizes starting at 6¼" through 8½" in increments of 1/8" or ¼".

    A relaxed fit, low crown, easy fitted hat by '47 brand. One of most popular styles.

    Think what an NBA player wears to keep sweat out of his eyes.

    Also known as a driving cap (think taking a country drive in an English sports car) or a golf hat (think what the old time golfers used to wear in addition to their knickers).

    Knit beanie hat
    What you wear when it gets cold outside. Sometimes these are reversible.

    Similar to a Castro but with a bigger bill and made of fancier materials.

    Newsboy IVY cap
    Similar to an Ivy except the top of the hat is made of eight pie shaped panels sewn together with a button in the middle.

    One Size Fits All
    These hats only come in one size which will stretch to fit most heads.

    Imagine someone is painting your house…what are they wearing? When you see that image you'll know this style.

    Trucker cap
    Think hats you find at your local gas station except of much better quality. These hats have a mesh back and usually an adjustable strap.

    Visor cap
    Short bill, no crown…not for bald men.

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